Introducing…Lady LaVarnga Hubbard

The Gospel Gallery had the honor of interviewing Lady Lavarnga Hubbard, a Chicago Native that has been singing for over 30 years. In addition to her upcoming  3rd solo project, she currently sings with Ricky Dillard and New G. She has also recorded with the Chicago Mass and the Sweet Holy Spirit Church of which she is currently signed to Bishop Larry Trotter’s label, Utopia Music Group. She was crowned the Duchess of Gospel Music by Bishop Trotter in 2003.

Here is what she said about her current single is “Worthy” to be featured on project  “Better is Coming and her music influences:

Here is the new single by Lady Hubbard “Worthy”: (A song that we can hear a lot of Praise Teams singing!)

“I am excited about what GOD is doing in this season of my life!”

We asked Lady Hubbard what we ask all artists in our closing question:
You can find Lady Hubbard on social media:

Twitter (@duchessofGospel)

Instagram (@lavarngah)