20th Gospel Day @The Indiana State Fair

For 20 years, the Indiana State Fair has showcased a Gospel Day concert featuring local and national artists… and at the helm has been Rodnie Bryant. A renown artist in his own right with notable recordings, “We Offer Praise” and “He’s A Keeper” amongst others, Mr. Bryant has consistently presented local, regional, and national artists to the Indianapolis and surrounding communities. This year was no different featuring a special two-day event. Day 1 was held at Hope Worship Center. Artists came from Chicago, Missouri, and as far as Louisiana. A special moment came when Mr. Bryant held an offering for the Louisiana based artist that had lost her home from the floods. The praise and worship was certainly lifted the entire night. Artists included: Chalandon, Daytona, Carlton Amos, Corey Barksdale, J.Harris & S.O.W. For the complete list, see the flyer below.

Day 2 sponsored by Mountain Dew, featured more special guests including Karen Clark-Sheard, Ted Winn, Damita, Chicago Mass Choir and so many others. The audience enjoyed a beautiful day. It was especially significant after multiple days of rain! Coincidence? we think not. 🙂  What an awesome time the attendees and artists had!!!

“We had a great time and  are grateful for Rodnie including us in this year.” Dr. Feranda Williamson – Chicago Mass Choir CEO & President  (TGL: Look for the complete interview coming soon)

The media sponsor for 20th anniversary, WHMB TV40, will be airing  Day 2 to the central Indiana areas on September 3rd at 9pm. (Check your local listings for the station number) For those outside of the Indiana area, we have provided footage of the event below. Congratulations to Rodnie Bryant and BryRod Management! Special Thanks to Rita Green!

Event Details:  (Date) August 20th – 21st  2016 / (Location) Indianapolis, IN