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TGG Interview:

JJ Hairston, Youthful Praise

TGG: Can you please tell us about the inspiration behind "After This" the project?

JJ: What I did for this record was listen to Bishop TD Jakes messages for about a month straight.  So I can honestly say that his teaching was the inspiration for this record.  Most of the songs I wrote were inspired by his messages.


TGG: Do you have a favorite song on the album?

JJ: My favorite song is "The Victor".  The theme behind that song is taken from when Jesus was going into Jerusalem right before he was crucified.  The people were shouting and praising him, not knowing he was going into the greatest battle of his life.  That battle was what won our salvation.  He fought for us then, he's still fighting for us now.  But the great thing is, he always wins.  In every battle, he's the Victor!


TGG: Can you tell our visitors, what they can look forward to, when listening to the project, special guests, etc.

JJ: We have some great guests on this record!  Bishop Hezekiah Walker, James Fortune, Tye Tribbett, John P Kee, Lashun Pace, Lisa Knowles, Bishop Eric McDaniels, and more.  We all came to together to give God praise.  It's really a declarative record.  We're speaking faith, and praising God.


TGG: With this being your 6th Live Recording, can you talk about your decision to record live each time, as opposed to the studio?

JJ: There are some worship moments that can only happen in a live setting.  For example, the song "Grateful" was so powerful the night of the recording.  We were worshipping together for like 20 minutes.  That couldn't have happened in the studio.


TGG: In looking back, what has been your favorite YP moment so far?

JJ: My favorite YP moment so far was my last recording when my favorite female gospel singer Dorinda Clark Cole and my favorite male gospel singer Pastor Donnie McClurkin were on stage singing one of my songs together.  It was amazing!


TGG: God has blessed you to write so many encouraging songs over the years (TGG Favorite: "Deliver"), can you please elaborate on your process?

JJ: Honestly I don't have a set process.  Sometimes I write when I'm driving and sometimes songs wake me up.  Most times I get songs through or after worship experiences.


TGG: What is your favorite hymn and why?

JJ: Great is thy faithfulness.  The words are so powerful.  "Morning by morning new mercy I see.  All I have needed thou hands has provided". 



Special Thanks to JJ for taking time to speak with us and congratulations on the new release!! Special thanks to K. Jarmon as well.






The Gallery was honored to speak with JJ Hairston regarding his new project, “After This”, that released March 26th.

Date: 4/29/12

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